Monday, April 12, 2010

Maine Middens

P4121820 Continue this way to discover what Maine Middens are and where you can find some.


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A site listed on the National Record of Historic places - what remains of Whaleback Shell Midden, Glidden Midden and other shell heaps on the Damariscotta River were created over 1,000 years ago.  Different dates are given in different resources, but it is believed that Native American Indians harvested oysters from the river beginning before the time of Christ.  

Whaleback Shell Midden was named for its shape.  Much of this heap changed in the 1880’s due to the shells being mined to make chicken feed.

Glidden Midden, across the river from the park, is one of the largest shell heaps in the eastern US.


A map of the trail in the parking lot.


A budding apple orchard along the path leading to the middens.  In a few more weeks, you won’t want to miss this sunny day stroll.


The remains of Whaleback.



Deep layers of shells that date back way before our country was founded.

dam river

A view up the river into town – Damariscotta.



Glidden Midden across the river.  I first learned of this shell heaps when a friend took me canoeing on the Damariscotta River during my college years.  I remember looking up at these massive mounds with trees growing on them in complete awe.


P4121844 A place to rest and enjoy the view.


Love Maine!


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